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The iPhone Defies The Recession : Record iPhone Sales

October 19, 2009


As announced Apple just delivered its fourth quarter (July - September, 2009) earning reports. Once again Apple did amazingly in these times of recession and has exceeded our expectations with very high sales volumes and a 44% increase of Earnings Per Share (EPS) (bringing it to 1.82$) compared to the same quarter last year (apple's own forecast was 1.18-1.23, analysts: 1.42). iPhones sold very well with an incredible amount of 7.2 millions unit sold over the fourth quarter, bringing the total iPhone units sold to 33.7 millions, close to analysts expectations (33 millions). This is the highest amount of iPhones sold in a quarter since its introduction. As Apple stated this is the:

Most Profitable Quarter Ever; Record Mac and iPhone Sales

This also contradicts the note Oppenheimer & Co. analyst sent out on Friday to his clients predicting "a disappointing fourth fiscal quarter revenue" due to shortage in iPhone components supplies. Apple's stock closed at 189.86$ today, with a progress of 0.96%. Thumbs up for Apple for being able to stay so profitable in these tough times. I hope these amazing results will permit them to continue leading the market and provide us with always better products. [via Apple]

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