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The iPhone Reaches China Without WiFi

October 30, 2009


As some of you might already know, the iPhone just officially hit the Chinese market. It's a major market expansion and the prospects are huge. Unfortunately a little glitch got in the whole event, the official Chinese iPhones have no wireless !

How did that happen ? Well, at the times that Apple got the deal with Unicom (the Chinese phone carrier) to distribute our favorite gadget in China, Wifi was banned. The reason for that was to help promote a concurrent Chinese standard but since then the ban has been lifted and it was too late to correct the shot.

Unicom is nonetheless planning to correct the issue and the next batches will be full-featured devices.

Another problem is that the official version will be sold at a higher price point than the ones you can obtain there on the grey market. The entry price is around $730 and it goes up to $1025 for a 32G 3GS model when unlocked models from the grey market including WiFi go for around $835 at the moment.

Ok but, is WiFi essential to you?

[via Yahoo Tech]

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