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Your iPhone Wants You No Harm

October 24, 2009


You probably quite often hear people claiming that cellphones are dangerous for you and your health. There is a common belief that cellphone radio waves might disturb your organism and furthermore that your iPhone, which emits not only cellular radio waves but also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth's ones would be slowly killing you as you hold it against your head or in your pocket.

Well good news, a French newspaper just leaked a report by the "French office for environmental sanitary security and work (Afsset)" which claims the opposite. Their scientists spent the last 2 years experimenting and researching and their conclusion are pretty reassuring:

The data resulting from available experimental research do not indicate any medical effects of the exposure to the radio frequencies in the short run nor in the long run. The research relates to various technologies, such as broadcasting, television, wireless networks, mobile telephony or relay antennas. The epidemiological data do not indicate either short-term effects of the exposure to the radio frequencies. Interrogations might remain for the long-term effects, even if no analyzed biological mechanism pleads in favor of this assumption (sorry for the English, I'm bad at translating medical research conclusions).

What do you think, can we trust the Frenchies ? On my side I'm relieved that I can finally put my iPhone back under my pillow at night.

[via Le Figaro]

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