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33rd Division Gets Updated, Plus Lite Version, and Sneak Peek of Next Update - Plus Win a Copy!

November 18, 2009


33rd Division is one of our favorite games, so when there's related news we take notice. The 1.1 update was released a week ago which provided a brand new map. Now there are five World War II maps to guide your soldiers across. The new map is Stuttgart, Germany, and it's a railway station with an active train that comes every few minutes. You better not stop any of your soldiers on the track. Also included are two upper patrols on the big house, and the map is rated very hard. In the update there are also Open Feint achievements, a total of 25. Not only is the 1.1 update out for all of those who have already bought it, but also the lite version was just released. Now if you were on the fence, you can try it out which is always nice.


Finally the best news of all is that the 1.2 update was submitted today. The new map is Hamburg, Germany which is a submarine dock. Oil is included which slows you down, and there is a narrow passage way with multiple enemy lookouts. Also included in the update will be two new power-ups: clone, and teleport, for all maps, and two new achievements. Hopefully you can see from both screenshots how nicely this game is designed, and the updates continue to cement it as the best line drawing game in the App Store. ***We’re giving away three promo code of 33rd Division. To enter just let me know what you think of AppTalk, and developer interviews. The winners will be chosen randomly at the end of the day Today (11/18 at 11:59 PM PDT). Download codes are only redeemable through US iTunes accounts. Please remember to include a valid email address so we can contact the winner.

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