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Appisode 40: Video Ads In Apps, Stars Wars Comes Out With An App And Google Earth Gets An Update

November 18, 2009
Google's AdMob has launced a new advertising format for apps that you'll be seeing in supported applications soon. Basically when you launch a supported app you'll be subjected to a full screen video add. Is this something that would upset you? Millions of dollars worth of iPhone have been stolen in Belgium. THQ's long awaited title Star Wars: Trench Run has finally hit the App Store. The game lets you be the pilot of an X-Wing fighter as you battle waves of tie fighters above the infamous Death Star. You are then taken into the trenches of the mighty station. Use touch-based controls and the accelerometer to maneuver your way toward the thermal exhaust ports in order to complete your mission. Google has just released Google Earth 2.0. The new version now features maps on the go. Basically any Google map you create on your desktop can now be viewed from your device as well. Many more new features are available so check out the video to see what they are. App of the Day: Yahoo! Shopping Steer clear of the malls this holiday season and use Yahoo! Shopping to get your shopping done online.

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