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AppNN Weekly Recap

November 2, 2009


In this week's news; the App Store reached the hundred grand mark for approved apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch and Google gave iPhone Gmail users as much room as they could possibly need for their outgoing messages. The iPhone made its way to China, but without Wi-Fi or much of a subsidy. Apple bought advertising rights to a Chicago bus-stop and responded to Nokia's complaint. iTunes 9.0.2 was released and did little more than break the Palm Pre's sync again. If you're a tap-maniac up for a challenge, check out Metallica Revenge, what Tyler called "the most difficult Tap Tap Revenge ever." Harvard Medical released an app to help with the swine-flu epidemic and Adult Swim melded another Flash game for the App Store. Disney made a new app available for free and WordPress 2.0 was released as a new app, not an update to its predecessor. EA Mobile and Hasbro previewed some exciting new games and NBA League Pass, an awesome app allowing basketball fans to stream NBA games over Wi-Fi and 3G, is available now. Comixology's Comics started selling Marvel classics, MumboJumbo responded to the StoneLoops! controversy, and the old-school, nostalgic hit Doom Classic debuted in the App Store.


In other news, Verizon posted losses this quarter while both Apple and AT&T reported big profits. Rumors preceded the announcement of a Google Navigation app, appearing first on the the Droid but the iPhone will most likely get it, whenever Apple allows it. Sprint is taking another stab at an App Store and George Hotz announced his plans to release an iPhone unlock this week, while refusing ten grand for it on principle. We reviewed Vonage, Stick-Fu, Poppi, Finger Physics, NBA Live, Mixology, GoSATWatch, and plenty of Halloween apps. AppNN's How-to's for the week included: making the most of your battery life, get an app refund, how to edit photos with multiple apps, make a MacGyver-like iPhone stand out of an airplane barf bag, and unleash your iPhone's full power.

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