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Aqua Globs Gets Updated, So Does Our Review

November 14, 2009


Whenever there is a fairly large update to an iPhone game or app, our reviewers usually like to revisit it in case their initially feelings towards it change.  Aqua Globs was recently updated to v2.0, which brought on loads of new content and features that apparently swayed Trevor Sheridan's initial opinion of the game. Globs_rockAqua Globs is a cute and colorful line drawing game that will have you colliding like-colored globs to make them disappear.  The initial version of the game only contained a single level and three globs, which made the gameplay a little repetitive, but that is no longer the case in v2.0. Aqua Globs v2.0 features three brand new levels with different gameplay techniques, three new globs and a special Crab glob, new graphics and effects, tweaked gameplay to get the action started a little quicker, and OpenFeint 2.2 integration that includes 31 achievements and online leader boards.  That's a whole lot of new. Trevor initially gave Aqua Globs a four out of five stars, with his one major complaint being a lack of variety, so you can only imagine that his updated review will be much more positive.  Go check it out. Aqua Globs v2.0 is available in the App Store for $.99.

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