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Are You Mathematically Hot? There Is An App For That

November 18, 2009


As you probably know there would be math behind beauty. Some artists believed it and you can see it in artworks like the Mona Lisa. The idea is that all the proportions of her face are made according to the Golden Ratio, the standard for human and natural perfection. It's really all about proportions, the size of your mouth must be 1.618 times the distance between your eyes and so on... Well, now with Fit or Fugly you can easily figure out how "mathematically" good looking you are and if you could have been considered as a model for Leonardo Da Vinci. The app itself is based on:
Fibonnaci's golden ratio which is based on symmetries via key anchor points on a human face which is the eyes, ears, chin, mouth and nose.
So all you need to do is take a picture of yourself, indicate the different parts of your face and the app will tell you the unbiased, mathematically reliable, but also probably terrible truth. So, hot or not?

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