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Become 'The Doodler' With This Awesome Fan-Made Fleece Hat

November 27, 2009


Have you ever wanted to not just play as The Doodler in Doodle Jump, but actually be The Doodler?  Well now you can, at least if you have a good imagination, thanks to one Doodle Jump fan who is obviously skilled with a needle and thread. Wren from Zen And Coffee Designs is a Doodle Jump addict just like the rest of us, but her friend is an absolute Doodle Jump fiend who knew of her fleece genki hat making skills and just had to have one modeled after The Doodler.  Wren immediately agreed to create the hat upon hearing the idea, not only because of her love for the game, but also because The Doodler is a perfect character to turn into a hat.  Just look at him! The hat is entirely hand sewn and is made of "super soft non-pill fleece," which apparently means it can withstand a whole lot.  The Doodler's nose is stuffed with a polyfill so it is able to stand up and keep its shape.  But words can't really describe how adorable The Doodler is in hat form, so just take a look at the images below. You can actually purchase this Doodle Jump hat from Zen And Coffee Designs via On the right-hand side of the page you will see pricing and instructions on how to obtain one for yourself.  Feel free to purchase two and send one my way, I certainly won't mind.



[Thanks to Kevin for the tip!]

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