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Blackra1n RC3 Sneak Peak

November 2, 2009


Blackra1n's next update, RC3, is less than two days away -- and now we know what it will look like. Geohot has been judging potential logos, setting up support lines, mounting information campaigns, and now the iPhone's most famous hacker has released a preview of blackra1n RC3 in the form of a picture. The screen shot shows an iPhone using T-Mobile, the two installer packages available; Cydia and Rock, as well as the talked-about unlock blacksn0w. Curiously missing from the screen is the third installer we usually see: Icy. Geohot intentionally left the third installer behind and asked his Twitter followers if anyone will "really miss Icy?"

What do you think? Will you miss Icy?


Image via: Twitticted

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