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Give Your iPhone Bezel A Brushed Look And Get Rid Of Its Scratches Using A Sponge

November 4, 2009


The iPhone's bezel (the shiny aluminum around the screen) is one of those sensitive parts that you will eventually scratch and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm personally using a bulky full protection cover for my iPhone that doesn't let it see the daylight, even then somehow I still managed to scratch the bezel.

Fortunately Just Another iPhone Blog came up with a neat trick that will not only help you get rid of those scratches but also give your iPhone's bezel a brushed aluminum look that will make it match your Mac. Furthermore it will also help with those fingerprints on it.

Ok, first of all, you're doing this at your own risk, this kind of cosmetic surgery might get you in trouble at the genius bar one day... (Even though I think they'll be impressed).

You're gonna need a two-side sponge (you know the one with this green rough side) and a lot of tape. Start off by taping your iPhone in a way that only the bezel will be exposed and then start polishing your bezel in long, straight swipes. That's it!

According to JAiB it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes and many people believe it gave their iPhone a more hi-tech look.

Since a video is better than a thousand words:

Heard of any similar hacks ? We'd love to hear about it.

[Just Another iPhone Blog via Lifehacker]

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