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Help Beat The Swine In '09 By Playing This Game - Win One Of Two Promo Codes

November 5, 2009


H1N1, or sometimes still referred to as the Swine Flu, is still running rampant all over the country, so VFSoftware has decided to help out by donating a portion of the revenue from their new game, Beat The Swine '09, to the CDC Foundation's H1N1 relief efforts.  Now you have a valid reason to spend hours playing a game on your iPhone or iPod touch at work. And, to sweeten the pot, we are giving away two free copies of the game! In Beat The Swine '09, you are an antibody superhero who must take on H1N1.  You will be traveling through 15 anatomical body parts in an attempt to disable the viruses throughout the body. Beat The Swine '09's gameplay consists of dodging viruses with different behaviors while collecting power-ups to aid in your cause.  You will be controlling your antibody superhero via accelerometer controls by default, but there is an option for touch-based controls.  The only downside to using the touch-based controls is that your score will not be recorded.  The game also features some very interesting artwork, unique music, and even some current info about the flu itself. To help fight H1N1, you must master Beat The Swine '09.  The amount of money donated to the cause depends on your in-game ranking.  If you merely play the game and are ranked a novice, 14 percent or $.10 is donated.  If you become a Beat The Swine '09 master and have a rank of ultimate, 100 percent or $.70 is donated.  VFSoftware has set up a website for you to check out and see just how much money has been donated to help beat the swine in '09, and it also contains a simple table that explains the donation breakdown. Beat The Swine '09 is now available in the App Store for $.99. To win one of two Beat The Swine '09 promo codes, simply leave a relevant comment below.  Our two winners will be chosen at random at the end of the day today (November 5th).  As always, this giveaway and all giveaways are only open to U.S. iTunes account users.  Please remember to include a valid email address so we can contact our winners.

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