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How To: Transfer Photos & Videos Between iPhones

November 30, 2009

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From bumping to flicking, developers have created multiple innovative ways to transfer the media taken from your iPhone to other iPhones directly via WiFi and Bluetooth. Here are a couple key apps that let you transfer your candid moments with mobility and style! Bump The famous one-millionth app downloaded in the appstore lets you bump your contact information and photos to other bump users, and now has the ability to bump phones for discovering mutual friends. Bump is very simple to use and has for main categories in the app.
  • My Contact - Transfer your contact information to other iPhones
  • Other Files - Select up to four photo's at once in your camera roll and bump them to another iPhone
  • Compare - Bump phones to discover mutual friends
  • History - See who you bumped with and when. Also has map functionality for seeing where the bump occurred
photo 8 photo 3 photo Mover+ Mover+ has a great and fun user interface with a collage styled background for your photos, videos, and contacts. To copy your media to another phone, launch Mover on both devices and discover each other with WiFi or  bluetooth. When your phone is discovered, you can then flick a picture or contact you want to share in the direction of your friends phone, and the picture will magically slide onto their screen. photo 2 photophoto Both apps give similar results but for now, bump does not support the sending of video between phones. So if you want to share each others videos, Mover+ is the way to go!

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