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Magellan's Premium Car Kit Dated

November 19, 2009


On the very same day Magellan released their own iPhone navigation app, they also announced they would be competing with TomTom in the premium car kit department by offering a car kit of their very own.  Magellan's website lists all of the high-tech features the car kit will contain, including an enhanced GPS receiver and Bluetooth hands-free calling, but it merely states that the accessory will be "coming soon."  According to Magellan's PR manager, soon apparently means mid-December. Magellan's premium car kit hasn't been priced yet, but you can certainly expect it to be compete with TomTom's current offering, which is available for $120.  And no matter what your navigation company of choice is, you have to appreciate the amount of competition we are starting to see not only in the iPhone premium car kit department, but also in the App Store.  Magellan's iPhone app has been able to climb the App Store's Top Grossing Apps list quite rapidly over the last few days.  It currently sits in the 23rd position, only 15 spots lower than the higher priced TomTom navigation app. Don't forget iPod touch owners, Magellan has stated that their car kit will support your device, but the app's description has yet to reflect that the software will support it.  You could, however, purchase TomTom's navigation app and use it with either TomTom's car kit or Magellan's.  You have some options to consider.

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