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Ping! iPhone-To-iPhone Messenger Available For Free

November 27, 2009


If you are still searching for a simple and effective iPhone-to-iPhone text messenger, you need to look no further than Gary Fung's Ping!, which is now available in the App Store for free for a limited time. ping!_screen1Ping! is a pleasant little app that allows you to easily send text messages to your iPhone and iPod touch toting friends.  Just download Ping! for free (normally $.99), create a unique Ping! ID that identifies you and one that you are willing to share with others, and then just get your friends and family to download it as well.  You will be able to send instant text messages at no charge to anyone around the world, and you won't even have to have the app open at all times since it is push-enabled. Ping! also has the ability to send an unlimited number of photos, but it comes at a cost.  To send photos via Ping!, tap on the "Settings" icon located at the bottom of the screen, then tap "Advanced features," and finally you will see the "Send Photos" feature, which is available as a one-time in-app purchase of $.99. So get out there and tell every iPhone and iPod touch owner you know that Ping! is available for free for a limited time.  The more the merrier! If you are looking for some more awesome Black Friday App Store deals, don’t forget to check out our Blapp Friday Applist.

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