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Review: 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync

November 9, 2009



IMG_0197 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync is exactly what it is called; an app for your to-dos. At $4.99 it is reasonably priced compared to some of its more expensive competitors in the App Store. This app is a good companion for the Mac owner that is addicted to their iCal because 2Do syncs your calendars and to-do items with iCal via a free software download. However, this app can be used as a stand alone to-do manager without using the sync feature. The makers of this app, Guided Ways Technologies, won "Best User Interface 2009" in our App Awards for their app Face Visual Dialer. As expected, the UI of their 2Do app is highly intuitive and polished.


IMG_0203The Biggest feature of this app is push notifications. Many to-do managers in the app store are missing this feature which has been overwhelmingly asked for by the shoppers of the app store. When making a new to-do, or editing an old one, there is the option of assigning alarms for when the item is due and/or before its due. These alarms come in the form of push notifications and/or email. You can have a message box with a custom sound or a just the message box pushed to your phone at a certain time via push notification system. Working around the lack of a push notification manager on the iPhone you can also have a notification sent to your email to ensure you do not miss your deadline. IMG_0202The other feature of this app is the ability to sync your to-dos. Most to-do apps in the App Store lack the ability to sync and backup your to-dos or they require you to buy an expensive desktop client for syncing. However, this app will sync for all Mac owners with OS 10.5 or newer via a wifi connection. With the 1.0 version there is no way for PC users to sync with this app. The User Interface, specifically the tabbed calendar system makes it fairly easy to see your to-dos. Being able to file your to-dos under different calendars is a great way to organize your to-dos as they come to you. The today tab is highly useful because it shows you what is due today and overdue to-dos. The to-dos themselves can be as simple as "buy milk" or as detailed as you want with a notes and URL entry fields. Also this app includes the unique ability to share to-dos. This is especially useful if you share a to-do with someone who has 2Do as well but to-dos can be sent to anyone's email address.

The Breakdown

The Good: IMG_0196The makers of this app are great at building intuitive user interfaces. This quality is highly valuable in a to-do manager because the whole point is to get your to-dos down quickly and be able to view them clearly so you can get things done. Lots of to-do managers in the app store over complicate the process by adding "context," "folders," "projects," and "tags" to your to-do entries. The 2Do app just ask you to place your to-dos under a calendar heading to help you keep them organized. The process is simple and you have the ability to create your own calendars within the app as well as syncing calendars you already have on your ical. Changing the calendar a to-do is filed under is also very intuitive. Just like moving apps on the home screen you can tap and drag to-dos from one calendar to the next. The ability to add alarms in the form of push notifications and/or email is highly valuable and sets this app apart from the many other to-do apps. Putting your to-dos in an app is a great step to keep organized but most people still need a reminder to check their to-do list and the alarms for individual task allows you to customize your reminders to your personal needs. Setting the alarms is also user intuitive so if you get a push notification you can enter the app to add another alarm if you are not just yet ready to start the to-do The Bad: Besides push notifications the shining feature of this app is the ability to sync your to-dos for safe keeping and further management. However, If you are a PC user you do not have the ability to use this feature. The developer is running a poll on its website to see what other forms of syncing would be preferred. Also they are easily accessible via twitter, (@guidedways), and they get back to you right away. This app also lacks the ability to have reoccurring to-dos and to customize the badge count. As of now the badge displays all of your to-dos. If you are anything like myself that could be a really big number and seeing that on your home screen can be really disheartening especially after completing several to-dos. If you do sync this app with your iCal you currently can not hide calendars that you do not want to file to-dos under. The developer is promising the ability to create reoccurring to-dos, custom badges, actions like: call, SMS, and location, and the hiding of unused calendars in their 1.1 version but no word for sure when other forms of syncing will be available.

The Verdict

This is a good to-do manager and an even better one if you are a Mac owner. The UI has lots of small features that make the app pleasing to use. However the lack of, the ability to create reoccurring to-dos, to customize the badge settings, and without the ability to sync for PC users makes the current 1.0 version of this app seem incomplete. If you are in search of a good to-do manager with potential I would recommend this app. If you are an iCal user and searching for a great to-do app I highly recommend this app especially after the 1.1 release. If you are a PC user I would hold off on buying this app until the developer enables another form of syncing that includes your operating system.

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