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Review: 5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself)

November 24, 2009

5 minutes to kill yourself menu


Does this game really need any introduction? The title pretty much sums it up. You are tired of going to those stupid conference room meetings day after day. Another meeting is scheduled to take place in five minutes. What are you to do? Find a way to kill yourself before those five minutes are up and end your suffering, that's what.


5 minutes to kill yourself trashThe game features multiple ways that you can kill yourself. There are tons of fun ways to watch your little office worker impale himself. The latest update also added the feature where you start the game in a different room each time you play as well as the ability to tap speech bubbles so the dialogue appears quicker. The game also features a Single and Multiplayer option, the ability to Challenge your friends to a Death Race, you can Challenge random strangers to a Death Match too. The game connects to Facebook so you can post up your highscores too.


The Good:

5 minutes to kill yourself staplerThere are a ton of ways to kill the little office worker in this game...a ton. Each one is just as sadistic as the last and you will no doubt get a kick out of watching this guy impale himself over and over again. The graphics and sound effects are extremely well done here and fit the tone of the game perfectly.

The Bad:

5 minutes to kill yourself diedMy biggest issue with this game, and there are many, is that once you play through it a few times that's it. It's a novelty game at best. Yes, it's fun killing this guy, but there just isn't much else here to do and once you have beaten this a few times you'll be over it. The controls are a little frustrating as well. You tap where you want the guy to walk, but the response time is extremely slow and you will find yourself wasting a lot of time just trying to move around a room. The devs have updated the word bubbles above your co-workers heads so it's quicker to have a conversation, but to be honest it's not that much quicker. You will still waste a lot of needed time talking to co-workers. This was a real let down because some of them will help you kill yourself, while others will just waste your time.

The Verdict

In the end I feel this game has a flashy concept, but ultimately will leave you wanted more and feeling disappointed. It looks great and it is fun the first time you play it. However, ask yourself this: Do I really want to spend three dollars for a game I will probably only play once or twice? If your answer is no, stay away from this one or wait for a Free version.

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