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Review: Asphalt 5 - Plus Video

November 6, 2009



The first update was finally released for Asphalt 5. It's small in quantity, but the biggest update gameloft could have provided. They have fixed cop chase/elimination mode fine tuning the difficulty. Now on each track there's a fewer number of eliminations needed, as the first courses only require three eliminations rather than the seven before. Asphalt_elimination2 Also just simply playing elimination seems a little easier as opponents don't avoid you as much, so it's not as hard to get in position to eliminate. This was a great update to provide so now even everyone can get through career mode, and you'll want to. Asphalt 5 is even more of an absolute must than at first look, and is the best arcade racer you can get.



Asphalt 5 is the successor to one of the first deluxe racing games for the iPhone Asphalt 4. The game is an arcade racer giving you tons of speed, and burning rubber while lacking the true real racing feel. Eight different types of gameplay modes are included giving you the chance to straight race, drift contest, or even escape the cops. Plenty of cars are included from the mundane to the super exotic. Now you can get behind the wheel of your dream car, and just haul a**. You don't have to worry about braking around curves, and all of that, just go as fast as you can. How does gameloft's newest racing game rank? Asphalt5_newcar


The main feature is that there are eight modes of gameplay. You can play a typical race and try to finish first, or beat the time mark in time trial, or go one on one in dual mode. Also you have the chance to be last man standing by not finishing in last place in all laps where one racer is deducted per lap. In addition, you can do cop chase or elimination game play where you play the cop and try to eliminate a certain number of racers. Or there's escape, and you try to escape the cops. Finally, there is drift mode, where you try to score the most points drifting. You can start a career, and play the different events all over the world. You can do a single race any time, where you chose all the aspects of the game. Maybe the best aspect is the inclusion of online play. You can play online live against anyone, or play a local game over wifi or bluetooth (including 6-player bluetooth). Asphalt5_score Three control methods are included. The main control method is automatic gas, and tilt to steer, but you can turn on or off automatic gas. Also you can tap left and right, or use a virtual wheel, all with the option for automatic gas. 12 exotic locations are available to drive through. All are wonderfully designed, and really put you there. You can race in Aspen, Las vegas, and Hawaii, among others. Asphalt5_police

The Good

Asphalt 5 is packed with fun. Arcade racing is simply outstanding, as you can just jam the gas and go, and only worrying about steering. You don't have to brake to take a curve, or drive cautiously not knowing when the next curve will come, and you may spin out. As you're speeding down the road, and trying to pass other racers, regular traffic is on the road. It can be quite sudden when you're driving on the wrong side of the road, going up hill. The crashes can be massive, and will mess up your time, and your lead. Nitro is included as well as cash bubbles on the course. The nitro is invaluable as you try to pass opponents, or eliminate them, or even avoid cops. Every time you press nitro your stock is depleted rather quickly so if you don't pick up any new you will fall behind. Also different actions will score you points from leading the race, to a close call with traffic, or eliminations. Asphalt5_elimination Maybe the most fun part of the game is elimination. It's great to see the car next to you, jam on some nitro, and smash them off the road. Whats even better is that you can do it during the race, or even to the cop cars. During the race if you run up against the walls or hit multiple items, it may call attention to the police and you'll have to deal with them while racing. Every race track is an actual location on earth, and it's great to drive through them. This game reminds me so much of the crusin' series whether it was Crusin' USA, Crusin' World, and Crusin' Exotica. Also as you're driving there are various short cuts to find, jumps to take, and even chances to drive off track and end up in the water. The game looks absolutely stunning. It is one of the best looking games on the iPhone, from the brilliant car designs to the locations you drive in. The game flows flawlessly, (granted I'm on the 3GS), and the car driving is just beautiful to see in motion. When you eliminate a car, the is a low motion replay of the car getting slammed off the track. Whether you're drifting, or scrapping walls, there are appropriate skid marks, and orange flares off the wall. Asphalt5_shortcut Four upbeat techno soundtracks are included that play during the race, and play randomly. The sounds of the cars sound very realistic whether you're changing gears, roaring forward, skidding and drifting. A bunch of game include iPod control within the game, but it has never felt better, or work as well as a car driving game. The career mode is super deluxe providing hours and hours of race time. Every location includes four deluxe events, and there are 12 locations giving you 48 events. Many events will require you to play more than once to win. Also you'll want to continue the career to unlock all 30 fabulous vehicles, and then race with all of them too. If career mode wasn't enough to make it worth $6.99, live online multiplayer is included. You can race against anyone in the world using gameloft live. It's not as good as Ngmoco's Plus+ Eliminate Pro matches, but what is? Also you can play locally over wifi and bluetooth supporting up to six players. Asphalt5_passing

The Bad

As good as the game is, I did find a couple problems. The first is that the races can become a little dull in the middle when you take the lead. Also going three laps is too long for many of the events, it would be great if it was one lap for half of the events. As you progress the courses become longer, and so does each event. It would be great if there were more cars in traffic as that would keep you on your toes in the middle of races. The first lap is great because you have to play catch-up as your opponents sprint out. The final lap is tough depending on if you've hit traffic or not, and how far you've caught up. The middle lap is boring though. Asphalt5_lst There needs to be more arcade action in the races and time trials especially. The cop chase, elimination, and last man standing have plenty of action for the entire event. One major problem with the game is the elimination/cop chase mode where you have to take out your race opponents. First it's really tough to do so, and then you have to do it seven times in three laps with you're opponents avoiding you at all costs. you will be stuck in career mode on elimination modes which is a real shame. The game also doesn't save your progress within the race. As long as these races become you definitely need to save in case you exit on lap 2. It does save your overall career progress.

The Verdict

Asphlat 5 is not only the best racing game in the app store, but the best game including cars. It's one of the very best games overall, and exemplifies what the iPhone can do. The game looks amazing, the sounds are top notch, and the gameplay is somehow even better. A terrific arcade racing experience that everyone should enjoy. An Absolute Must for $6.99

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