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Review: Auditorium

November 18, 2009

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Guide the flow of colored particles into the audio containers to create your sights and sounds. A very simple and relaxing game that will get you hooked as well as put you in a very peaceful and tranquil mood.


auditorium step2 The game includes 5 acts with up to 7 different levels in each of those acts. Each act also has several different possible solutions for maximum replay value. You can also purchase more acts through in-app purchases as well for more challenging gameplay.


The Good:

auditoriumstep3Just about everything in this game is "Good" in my opinion. The music and graphics are amazing and the gameplay is so simple, yet gratifying and engaging as well. This is one of those games like Zen Bound where the concept is extremely easy to get down. You can play the game for hours or minutes at a time and you'll get entertainment out of the app every time. I really loved the concept in this one. Just use your finger to place the arrows around the screen in order to move the flow of particles in the correct direction. That's really it. As long as the particles are hitting the right audio containers, you're good. As always, simple and easy is always the best policy for an iPhone game.

The Bad:

auditorium finish The game's simplicity is almost a fault here as well. It has nothing to do with your enjoyment of the game, it's just that the game is very easy to beat. I got through the entire game in less than an hour. There are more acts through the in-app purchases, but they will cost you money.

The Verdict

This really is a great game. It has an original concept, looks and sounds great, and it's a blast to play. If you're not sure if this game is for you, try out the Free version first and see if it's worth your three bucks.

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