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Review: Backbreaker Football

November 11, 2009

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Backbreaker Football just got updated to 1.1. More ways to play the game were introduced beginning with six challenges for each challenge mode giving you 10 new ultimate difficult waves. Also new pro and hardcore modes are included giving you 18 challenges with increasing difficulty. You have to beat pro mode to unlock hardcore mode. Also there's a new award per mode, backbreaker helmet which is higher than gold. An ok update, and nice for those who already own it. Doesn't change the game very much, as it's still the same thing every time running to the endzone. The game isn't very challenging until you get to the new hardcore mode. Overall the game is still a should buy, and this update doesn't change much.

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This game gets right down to the main attraction of football, scoring touchdowns. What's more exciting than scoring a touchdown, right? Backbreaker Football takes that intense and fast-paced action and mixes it with an arcade style of play as you sprint toward the end zone juking, spinning, and taunting past swarms of defenders.


backbreaker football redI think the main feature here has to be the graphics, sounds, and gameplay. The graphics are some of the best on the iPhone and the crowd, whistles, and bone-crunching hits sound awesome for such a inexpensive game. There are two basic modes of gameplay here, Challenge Mode and Endurance Mode. In Challenge, your goal is to complete each challenge in order to get the highest score and win the Golden Helmet for that allotted stage. In the Endurance Mode your goal is pretty simple, make it through 50 waves of defenders as you attempt to get the highest score. Each level gets tougher and tougher as do the defenders. You can unlock secret content like different jerseys, taunts, and much more as you progress through the Challenge Mode. You can customize your name, number, and team as well. The game has Facebook integration too so you can brag about your scores with your friends.


backbreaker football custom

The Good:

The graphics here look really good. As you run toward the end zone, the camera kind of runs behind you trying to keep up and catch the action. A very cool element to the game and it's one of the reasons why the graphics look as impressive as they do here. The game is really easy to just pick up and start playing and it can get extremely addictive. Overall, this is just a really fun football game. No plays, no timeouts, just intense action as you fight your way to the end zone.

The Bad:

backbreaker football tackle Even though Endurance Mode has 50 waves of defenders in it and Challenge Mode is a little tough, you can beat this game really quickly and it really isn't that difficult once you get the hang of it. I enjoyed it so much I wanted more, but it just doesn't have that much gameplay too it. The controls work fine, but there can sometimes be a lag between when you tap the buttons and when your player responds to the action. It takes a bit to get it down and watch out for those random tackles that will sometimes happen even though you are convinced you hit the spin or juke button in time.

The Verdict

I wish this had a free version because anyone that is a fan of football should play this game. It's extremely fun and entertaining and it looks and sounds great. It may be a bit quick in terms of the overall gameplay, but for $0.99 it's one of the better sports games I've played on the iPhone to date.

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