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Review: Command & Conquer Red Alert

November 16, 2009

command and conquer menu


The popular PC and console title has finally hit the App Store. Play as either the Soviets and dominant the globe or the Allies and restore peace. How does this strategy game stack up against its counterparts? And most importantly, is it worth the $9.99 price tag?


The game's controls are all touch based in this one. Drag and scroll around the screen in order to view the battlefield. Zooming in and out is the same as for web browsing, just pinch either in or out. command and conquer map You can choose to be either the Soviets or the Allies as you battle through 12 different combat levels in Campaign Mode. You can also play in Skirmish Mode, which is like a quick play, and battle it out in a single match too. There are only two maps in Skirmish Mode and more can be downloaded through In-App Purchases for $0.99.


The Good:

command and conquer iceIf you are a fan of this series, the basic game is still here. So basically anyone that enjoys these types of build, seek, destroy type of games, then you will no doubt enjoy this one. The controls are fairly responsive and I liked the fact that you can play through a Campaign or just have a quick match in the Skirmish mode as well.

The Bad:

command and conquer map againWhere to start? For ten bucks this game has almost no features in it. This really feels like a stripped down, rushed out version of a great PC/console game. The AI here is way too easy and you only get two maps for that price? No good. Apparently the game also crashes a lot for some users. I had that issue as well, but a restart of my phone fixed the problem. However, some have done that, deleted and re-installed with the same problems still occurring. Again, for ten bucks that shouldn't be happening. There also isn't a Multiplayer option. That is the biggest issue here in my book. Playing against another opponent is what makes these games so much fun. The computer is never as challenging. This feature is supposed to be coming in an update, but for now it's missing and that really is a shame.

The Verdict

For $9.99, this game is absolutely not worth the price. There is far more Bad here than Good. With so many other great titles for only a dollar or so, go buy something else. I hate to be so harsh, but this was a very disappointing game for me. Buyers beware.

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