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Review: Food Scanner

November 17, 2009

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DetailsFood Scanner, developed by DailyBurn, is designed to search for food data using either the food name, or the bar code on the food item.  Once the data is obtained you can either look at the nutrition facts or search for recipes in which that  food item can be used in. Food Scanner can be very handy for someone who is dieting and wants to keep track of their all their nutritional values.


Barcode Reader: Launch the app and hit the lighting bolt to bring up your camera. Then hold it steady so you can take a good shot. After taking the picture Food Scanner uses your data connection to access the information for the item you just scanned.

Results: Once you have the lookup you get back the package size, servings per package and nutritional values per serving. Using this information you can record that you already eat this food and how many servings or click and lookup recipes that this particular food can be used in. It will also give you measurements and associated ingredients to make a complete, healthy meal.

ScanningSync Your Data: Food Scanner can sync the data with your personal account at Sign up for an account on their site free of charge and you can input current weight, goal weight and have the site assist you with coming up with a good diet/exercise program to help you reach your goal weight. This entire package is handy to assist with achieving your goals and become the new healthy you.

The Breakdown:

The Good: Food Scanner can be extremely handy especially when shopping because you can scan foods even in the store and get recipe ideas for planning upcoming meals. The Bad: The only bad thing I have to say is that it can be a little tricky at times holding Food Scanner's camera app steady enough to get a a good read on the UPC, but luckily it changes from white to green when it has a good read.


Food Scanner is available now in the App Store at $2.99 and is well worth the price. This app is perfect for anyone who is interested in eating healthy and keeping track of their progress along the way.

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