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Review: Frogger

November 16, 2009

frogger menu


That crazy, street-crossing frog is back as the classic arcade game we've all come to know and love gets a facelift. Not to worry though, the basic game is still here and with a few improvements. Die-hards will no doubt find a few flaws here, but does that mean you should stay away? frogger start


There are three basic changes to the original game here. The first is the game's overall look, or graphics. They have been vastly improved since the original game was released. The next big change comes in the way of the controls. The "control stick" has been removed and you now have three different choices when playing the game. You can tap the screen to move the frog, slide or flick your finger to get the frog moving, or tilt the screen for movement as well. The other major change here is the game's balance or gameplay if you will. In the old version, lag was always an issue. However, what old arcade game didn't have that issue, right? Well, that is gone here and the game runs smoother than it ever has.


frogger road

The Good:

Do you like Frogger? Then you'll like this. It may look a little different and play a little different, but the basic premise is here and it's just as fun as before. I loved the new look and it plays very smoothly. It still has that "nostalgia" feel to it when you play as well. And yes, the logs are still as annoying as they were in the original. As far as the controls go, I recommend the slide or flick option. It worked the best for me and I had no issues with them at all while using the Slide feature.

The Bad:

frogger fly While the basic game is still here, they have changed the game a lot. If you are a die-hard fan, you will probably not enjoy some of these new features. The graphics look good, but some will miss the "retro" look of the original. The music is also different here as well. Another small issue that will no doubt get the die-hards out there annoyed and craving the old instead of the new. The controls can be a little frustrating to get down here too. I feel the Slide option is the only one that works well. The game is also really easy. I remember the old one being really hard after a few levels, but this game seems to never get any tougher. Maybe Frogger is just a simple game compared to most nowadays, maybe not, but this is really an easy game.

The Verdict

While I didn't mind the updated look and feel here, fans of the original game might. However, if you like the game of Frogger the basic game is still here and for only a dollar, that isn't too bad.

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