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Review: Mall Maps - You Are Here

November 25, 2009



Mall Maps – You Are Here by Medl Software is a new shopping companion app geared towards making your mall experience easier. Mall Maps was released just in time for this year's holiday shopping season and is certainly a must have app.


The user interface is sleek and very functional, giving you all the information you are looking for with just a couple quick touches or finger swipes. Mall Maps has location based mall searching as well as manual entry of your zip code and selection of a mileage radius for extended searches. The database for Mall Maps contains over 1,000 malls across all 50 states, which covers over 100,000 stores. Once you select the mall you want you can also add it to favorites for easy access again at any time.


The search results will provide you with the mall's website, main number, store list as well as the floor plan for the entire mall. The maps are pretty much the same as the ones found on the informational kiosks in the malls themselves, which include location within the mall and the store names to make them easy to find. The Good: Mall Maps can make your life a lot less stressful especially with Black Friday less than a couple weeks away. The number of malls included in the database shows just how much work the developer put into it. I have personally used Mall Maps in four states and always found accurate information. The Bad: The only bad thing to report is that although the database is quite extensive it probably won't contain every last mall in the U.S. The developer does actually factor this in and is easily reachable via Twitter, Facebook or email and will gladly include any malls missed if one is pointed out by a user. I brought one to his attention right after Mall Maps was released as did another user via Twitter. Within a little over an hour, each had been added to the database.

The Verdict:

For someone like myself who dreads malls, but sometimes has to shop there for some of the mall specific stores, Mall Maps is a blessing. Armed with Mall Maps I can shop in local malls without worrying about forgetting where a store is located. I can zero in on the actual store I want, and know exactly where it is in relationship to where I am, instead of wandering aimlessly. This great app is a good deal at only $2.99 and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes or doesn't like to shop.

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