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Review: Urinals - Plus We're Giving Away Copies!

November 9, 2009



Urinals is a line-drawing game with a silly theme, but was made for a challenge. You play as a restroom attendant, and you guide incoming customers to the toilets, sinks, and exit. Multiple patrons come in, and you have to get them in and out without letting them touch each other. Urinals_levels


12 different restroom layouts are included which beats all other line drawing games. There 36 levels to play through. You progress through all 12 layouts for bronze, then all 12 again at silver, and all 12 a third time for gold. Each of the levels gives you a certain number of patrons, and you have to guide them through all the steps and the exit. It’s not just an endless supply, and trying to get the highest score. It’s only about completing levels. You will have to direct bathroom traffic in regular restrooms, to ones at the ballpark, and even on a plane. Urinals_sinks

The Good

The theme is hilarious by being a restroom attendant. The game has a fifties educational movie theme, and that's the character you play. The patrons waddle slowly with huge guts either having a yellow or brown shirt depending on the type of bathroom use. Once the patrons sit down, you can see their backside just sticking out, and they have to drop their load which takes a certain amount of time. As you progress there are more patrons fewer toilets, and smaller spaces. Also you will have to direct them to the sink, or even to port-a-poties in close quarters. The gameplay is extremely challenging, and the maddening speed makes it the toughest line drawing game in the App Store. The game is definitely amusing, but has solid gameplay to last once the novelty wears off. Urinals_tripotty A major positive is that the game is played more like Harbor Master than Flight Control. In Harbor Master you have to guide the ships in, and back out which adds to the difficulty, strategy, and management of multiple items. Flight Control on the other hand is just simply landing, and they disappear. Luckily in Urinals you have to guide the patrons to the toilets, sometimes on to sinks, and always back out the exit. The sound effects are amusing too. Each time you tap on a patron your restroom attendant directs him, and patrons say thank you, or too far, or not close. All the sayings have a strong male voice also straight out of fifties educational videos. Background music isn't included though, but if you're at the ballpark or on a plane there are appropriate background noises. Urinals_mistake

The Bad

The main problem with this game is that it’s slow. The patrons walk extremely slow, and there’s no option to fast forward the game. A 2x or 4x fast forward would really make this game great. Playing through a whole level seems to drag rather than be engaging. The levels can take quite awhile, and sadly the game doesn’t save your in level progress, just overall. Also the game isn’t based on high scores, just level completion so it lacks the online functionality of other line drawing games.

The Verdict

Urinals is a solid line drawing game that is enhanced by a silly theme. The theme adds to the humor by adding more prestige to being a bathroom attendant. It’s an extremely difficult line drawing game, and shares the positives of Harbor Master. Lacking the ability to fast forward, or just having the overall game at a faster pace keeps this game from being rated higher. It can become boring, and a hassle, but for $0.99 it is definitely worth it. ***As a super special AppAdvice bonus, Bluebird Software has made Urinals FREE this week, to coincide with our review. For Free go download it today!

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