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Sneak Peek: Stair Dismount - From the Developers of Zen Bound

November 23, 2009


Stair Dismount is an upcoming game from Secret Exit, the developers of Zen Bound. This is a new iPhone edition of the PC game, and it packs a bunch of iPhone specifics as well as social features. It's basically a ragdoll physics game, but enhanced with the polish of Secret Exit. Stair_falling According to Secret Exit "the iPhone version is said to have much improved simulation, better articulated ragdoll, polished UI, authentically crunchy sound effects (recorded by abusing vegetables) and stylized graphics... We believe the behavior of our ragdoll is one of the best on any platform." Playing around with the game I can easily say that it does have the most realistic ragdoll physics I've not only seen on the iPhone, but anywhere. The app is like a game, but not entirely a game. It's score based with bonus multipliers and high scores, but is more tilted toward social features than game ones. Secret Exit believes the app is more of a social toy than a full on game, and the features support that. Your ragdoll doesn't only have great physics, but also can be customized with a photo in your camera roll. Even more center to the app is that you can use a photo of any of your friends on facebook. Stair_multiplier You just log-in to your facebook account, and all of your friends appear, and they are just one tap away from being on your ragdoll. Then you dismount the person, and you can take photos within the app that can be easily and instantly posted to your facebook photo folder. The person you pick will be tagged to the photos, and instantly notified of you dismounting them. So it's more of a social toy than game, and it's perfect for your sadistic side. It's like naming pygmies in Pocket God, and doing your worst. It's a rag vodo doll with outstanding ragdoll physics. Stair_score There are six sets of stairs to dismount the ragdoll on. I have to say playing through the game it's easy to get lost, and keep tossing the ragdoll down the stairs for the best dismount. It's so simple to just reset, and adjust the point and force of your push to maximize the damage. It's nice to see the multiplier rack up as you break multiple bones. Also after you finish a push you can view the ragdoll, and see which body parts you damaged the most. Stair Dismount has been submitted to Apple, and is expected in early December. It will be priced at $2.99, and Secret Exit has improvements planned. See my sneak peek video below to see the simulator in action. We will have a detailed review as soon as it hits the App Store.


Secret Exit has decided to accelerate their launch schedule. So Stair Dismount is coming out this week. It will be available by Thanksgiving.

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