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The Droid Is A Failure, How Surprising

November 10, 2009


Verizon managed to push a 100,000 Droids during its launch weekend, I guess there is only so much advertisement can do.

Marketing is composed of 4 elements, the four P's as we call them; Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. Together they compose the "marketing mix". The idea is that if you want to successfully market a product you're gonna have to make sure that all of these elements are taken care of. Let's quickly see how they did;

The pricing is an exact copy of the iPhone's, could be more aggressive but ok. The Placement was really good, they presented it like an iPhone robot killer that could do more and benefited from a better network then focused it on young connected people. Finally the promotion was indeed impressive and they managed a lot of buzz.

Well, all we have left to blame seems like is the product itself, it takes an Apple to make such a user experience and you can't cover up the devices issues with TV spots...

Farewell Droid !

[via TheAppleBlog]

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