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The Stolen Belgian iPhones Surface In Russia

November 25, 2009


It was only 10 days ago that we told you about the $3,000,000 worth of iPhone 3GSs getting stolen in Belgium. Well, they haven't been found by the authorities yet, but apparently they are now widely available in Russia. According to TouchMyApps, the thieves are attempting to dump the stolen iPhones on local distributors:
Several resellers who hang out at one of the main Russian iPhone sites have reported that they have been getting calls from unknown people, offering them officially unlocked European “Jesus” phones at rock bottom prices in shipments of 100 or more with no possibility of credit or anything like that.
The interest is also particularly high since the iPhone 3GS is not available in Russia through any official channels at the moment:
The owner of shack at a local computer market who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed that a lot of the nearby shops have already started to feature the Belgian phones, though not all of the owners decide to strike a deal with the thieves.
So if you happen to be living in Russia and have acquired a grey/black market iPhone 3GS recently, just go to Settings -> General -> About, and if the Model ends with NF, you might very well be in possession of one of the stolen beasts. Interpol should hire a couple bloggers, don't you think?

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