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TomTom Announces A New Car Kit Specifically For iPod Touch (Updated)

November 20, 2009


On Wednesday TomTom released v1.2 of their navigation app, which included first and second generation iPod touch support.  That's great news and all, but the update caused some confusion regarding TomTom's premium car kit.  Not once has TomTom claimed that their current car kit works with the iPod touch, just take a look at Apple's product page and TomTom's website.  It was just assumed that since the car kit contained a built-in GPS chip and a 30 pin connector, it would simply work with the iPod touch.  Apparently that might not be the case since TomTom has revealed a new premium car kit specifically tailored for the first and second generation iPod touch. TomTom's website now displays a second premium car kit specifically for the iPod touch.  The only differences between the iPhone and iPod touch car kits, at least from what we can see, is that the iPod touch version doesn't include Bluetooth for hands-free calling and is priced at $99.99 instead of $119.99.  All of the other specifications seem to be exactly the same, including the size and weight of the accessory. UPDATE: We have confirmed with TomTom's PR manager that the two units do differ in size and shape ever-so-slightly, so purchase the car kit that fits your device.  The price difference between the two units appears to be due to the lack of Bluetooth and nothing more. TomTom has stated that the iPod touch specific car kit should be available "shortly" in the U.S.  It will be available at Apple's website as well as TomTom's, just like the iPhone specific version. [Thanks to Golf for the tip!]

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