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Using Your iPhone As A Boarding Pass Sucks

November 16, 2009


I happen to be flying pretty often so you can imagine my enthusiasm when AirFrance/KLM announced that they'll be letting people use their iPhone as a boarding pass, especially since I always forget to print those bloody passes, which then stresses me out and well, it's always a mess.

It works the following way; you're going to have to check-in before your departure online and they will send you a QR-Code that you can then save on your Device.

Unfortunately I found out that the iPhone is no good for that purpose and the whole system really lacks in smoothness. Here is the story of my iPhone-powered flight:

First of all, they don't have easily accessible scanners, they should have like a booth that you can use yourself, instead you're going to have to hand over your iPhone at multiple times and really, it's awkward. IMG_0035

Secondly it seems like not everybody in the airport knows what's going on. For example It took me 5 minute with the lady from the customs to figure out how to scan my iPhone.  We were unsuccessful and she just let me through.

Next, security check, they want you to show them your boarding pass, too late it's in the x-ray...

Finally comes the boarding, there they have a nice big booth and you just have to pass your phone under a red light but when the staff saw me with my iPhone they actually stopped me and printed me a paper copy of my boarding pass.


The reason they gave me is that the staff on the plane lacks the necessary hardware to read my ticket and also it's "just in case, you know".

Well, what's the point of promoting this solution then ?

And overally, using your iPhone is not always very efficient, every time I had to unlock, go to pictures, camera roll... it took forever.

Since many airlines are implementing this all around the world, let us know,

how was your experience?

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