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Appvent Calendar ‘09 Day 23 Features A Contest, Not A Game

Appvent Calendar ‘09 Day 23 Features A Contest, Not A Game

December 23, 2009


Today is the second to the last day of Blacksmith Games' Appvent Calendar '09, and instead of offering up another free game, they have decided to provide you with a contest.  Actually, they won't have a free game tomorrow either, and the reason being is that iTunes Connect will be closed during Christmas.  So, you can officially consider this the end of the Appvent Calendar '09 game giveaway.  Now who is up for a contest instead? Appvent Calendar '09 day 23 features a Plushed character contest.  If weren't already aware, Plushed is Blacksmith Games' brand new iPhone and iPod touch platformer.  We actually just published an in-depth review for the game for anyone looking to learn more about it. The Plushed character contest is only open to the U.S., and the prize is a whopping $200 gift card.  Here is what you need to do to win:
Send Blacksmith Games a sketch/design/description for a unique fairytale Plushed Character. Send it to contest[at] (replace [at] with @). Please send only jpg,png,gif and please no zip. It should be an enemy and should fit into the Plushed World. You decide its qualities (running, sitting, shooting, flying…). We recommend to play Level 5(Cotton Candy Park) to get an impression of the atmosphere. On December 29th we will choose the best 5 Characters and show it on People can vote the best and the winner will get a $200 iTunes Gift Card(for US Account). We will animate the character and then the Character will appear in Level 5 in the next Update.
Now get out there and start designing, sketching, and describing the best Plushed character you can come up with! We would like to thank Blacksmith Games for providing us with such a great promotion.  Let's do it again next year!  What do you say?

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