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CoPilot Live North America Gets Live Traffic, Local Search, And Fuel Prices Via In-App Purchase (Updated)

December 2, 2009


Just as promised, ALK Technologies has released an update to CoPilot Live North America that gives the navigation app live traffic information, local search, and fuel prices via in-app purchase. copilotlivetraffic_scree1CoPilot Live North America is a full-featured turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. It features detailed text-to-speech, maps that are downloaded to your device so you won’t need an Internet connection, 2D and 3D driving views, portrait and landscape modes, live weather info, LiveLink location sharing and messaging, and tons of customization.  What the app was missing, however, was a real-time traffic feed, but that's no longer the case thanks to its most recent update. The $19.99 in-app purchase includes three new services: live traffic, live local search, and live fuel prices.  The life traffic feature provides high quality, constantly updated traffic information from INRIX, and details about reported incidents on-route or at your destination.  If there is an incident, it can automatically calculate an alternative route to avoid any delays.  The new live local search feature allows you to find your favorite local business, product, or service via an integrated location-specific Internet search.  Finally, the live fuel prices feature can instantly find and guide you to the cheapest gas station closest to your current location.  The $19.99 in-app purchase nets you all three services and will last 12 months. To purchase the $19.99 package, fire up CoPilot Live, tap "Menu" at the bottom of the screen, scroll all of the way to the page that is furthest to the right, and tap "CoPilot Store." In the store you will see the "Premium Live Services" tab where you will be able to make your purchase as long as you have an Internet connection. ALK Technologies has also decided to keep CoPilot Live North America on sale through the entire month of December, but instead of the uber-cheap $19.99 Thanksgiving price, it will be offered at $24.99, which still is $10.00 off it's regular price of $34.99. [Update: Added more screenshots of the new live traffic feature in action.] copilotlivetraffic_screen2copilotlivetraffic_screen3

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