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How To: Post A Map Of Your GPS Track To Your Blog

December 1, 2009


Have you ever wanted to share a map of your GPS tracks on your blog? With a few apps on your iPhone you can do just that! In this tutorial we will be using the following apps: MotionX GPS Sport, Mail, Safari, and any mobile blogging app of your choice. So lets get started! Step 1: Record your GPS track using MotionX GPS Sport
  • launch MotionX GPS Sport and start your track. Once your track is complete, tap save
img_0046 img_0047 img_00481
Step 2: Email the saved track to yourself
  • Navigate to the Logbook page and tap on the Tracks tab. Here you will see a list of all your saved tracks.
  • Tap on the track you most recently saved and tap Share Track Now
  • Enable Email Sharing and enter your email in one of the lines below then tap Share.
photo-11 photo-12 img_0051
Step 3: Copy & Paste track info from mail to your mobile blog app
  • Launch your mail app and browse to the email you just sent. it will be from [email protected]
  • Copy all the track information to your clipboard starting with track name and ending with the longitude.
  • Start a new blog in your mobile blogging app and paste this info into the body.
Note: the text wrapping of the blog may look squished, but once its posted, the character spacing will be the same as the email.
img_0061 img_0064 photo-13
  • for our next step, we will be exiting the blog app so we want to save the post as a draft for now so we don't lose our work
  • Tap Save in the upper right corner and then tap Save Draft Only. You can now exit the app
Step 4: Copy and Paste a google map link of the track to your blog
  • Exit your mobile blogging app and Launch the same email from [email protected]
  • If you scroll down you will see a part of the email that says "Click on this link to display the track..." Tap on the link and it will launch the map in safari.
  • Copy the URL link of the webpage and launch your mobile blogging app once more to paste the link into the body.
Your new blog entry should now have your GPS stat info and a link to google maps showing the track you just rode for all of your friends and followers to see!

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