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Live Video Streaming Hits The App Store For Free

December 9, 2009


Wow, the App Store is really unleashing the iPhone's capabilities this week, yesterday we got free voice recognition and today we're getting free live video streaming, I'm eager to find out what we'll be getting tomorrow. After Apple allowing Knocking app last week we could only expect that others will follow and indeed, Ustream, the live video streaming app is now available on the App Store, it's free and it works over 3G. What is also great is that we don't have to hear the kind of "Steve Jobs approved it himself" BS this time. Ustream actually already had an official app on the App Store but it was very limited because of Apple policies and it didn't let you stream in live. Well now you can and this even over 3G. I was actually a little surprised when I got this news this morning since I've been able to do that for quite a while now, only to remember that I've been using the jailbreak app...

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