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Pastebot, The Ultimate Clipboard Manager Hits The App Store

December 16, 2009


There are some apps that really make you wonder how you managed to live without them. Pastebot is one of those. It’s a full-featured clipboard manager that will simply unleash your iPhone’s Copy/Paste full potential. At launch it captures whatever you copied (text/pictures) using the iPhone’s built-in copy/paste function and stores it for later use. You’re then free to organise those clippings, edit them or even share them directly. As if this wasn’t enough already, it comes with a free companion app that lets you sync it with your computer. Once both apps are launched on the same wireless network, whatever you copy on your computer will be pushed to the iPhone app. And it works both ways. The amount of things it lets you do is absolutely humongous. Check out their walk-through:

This is probably one of the neatest utility apps yet and it's only $2.

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