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RedLaser Makes A Killing

December 16, 2009


It's no secret that the App Store is a highly competitive market. It's tougher than ever for developers to make a real profit, and most of the revenue is grabbed by big development companies that can afford major advertising costs. There are still, however, some success stories, and Redlaser is the latest one. Redlaser has been one of the top 5 paid apps for over 3 months now without any advertising or marketing whatsoever. The app has been able to reach over 750,000 downloads and bring in over $1m of revenue to Occipital and its 2 developers, but what's their secret? In their opinion, their success is mainly due to word-of-mouth.  They simply made an app that works well and brings some real value to its users. This actually allowed them later on to be featured in Martha Stewart's TV show and the Wall Street Journal, which brought them an extra 1,000 apps sold per day. On top of that, Occipital is now licensing their scanning technology to 12 other apps, which brings them an additional $.10 every time one of them gets sold. So congrats! Three months at the top of the App Store is really impressive, especially for an indie developer. We reviewed RedLaser, so make sure to check it out. You can learn more about them over here.

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RedLaser - Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader
RedLaser - Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader

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