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Review: Bear Paw

December 13, 2009

bear menu


This is a very simple and easy game to play as you send your ship flying through space. The goal is to avoid the stars and collect the comets as they float around the screen. See how long your little ship can last as it collects as many comets as it can before being destroyed by the stars.


bear comets Like a lot of apps out there now, this one includes the ability to connect to OpenFeint, which is always cool. The game includes a Hyper Space Swipe that you can use to get away from any impending crashes. You are limited to 2 of these at the start and gain one for every five levels you complete. You can play your own music through your iPod and the game includes a new Leaderboard for scores achieved without using the Hyper Space Swipe too. There is also a Global High Score Board as well for all other scores and achievements earned.


The Good:

bear splosion The game looks amazing. The graphics, coupled with the spacey music, really add a fun and relaxing atmosphere for this app. The colors and explosions have been really well done here and they serve the overall gameplay perfectly. I also enjoyed the ease of the gameplay as anyone can pick this game up and start playing it. A great little causal game to mess around with when you have a few minutes to kill.

The Bad:

bear ship My biggest issue with this game is the overall gameplay itself. Once you set the ship in motion, that's it. Yes, there is the Hyper Space Swipe move, but other than that this app consists of watching, more than playing. Which after a few minutes can get a bit boring. I don't think this is a deal breaker for this game, but it can get a little daunting at times when you realize that you don't really have control over the ship once it's set in motion.

The Verdict

Although there isn't much gameplay in this one, it is still a fun little game. It looks and sounds amazing and if you are looking to kill a few minutes of your day, this is a perfect way to do that. Just be aware that this game is more watching, than it is actual playing.

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