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Review: Connect 4

December 13, 2009

connect menu


The classic checker-dropping game can now be played on your phone. You know the game, line up four of the same colored checkers either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The game requires a little bit of luck and strategy as you drop each checked piece into the board. Fans of the original board game are sure to love this port as will newcomers.


connect classic The game includes a Classic Mode, Challenge Mode, and an Advanced Mode with all new Powerchips, Max Scores, and PopOuts. You can play head-to-head against either the CPU or with a friend over Bluetooth and WiFi. You can also play a Pass 'n Play type of game with Multiple users too. There are over 25 achievements to unlock throughout the game by getting higher scores. These earn special plays like blocks and counters in order to help you beat out your opponents. The game also includes cut scenes, slow motion gameplay, and special effects like exploding chips.


connect challenge

The Good:

If you loved the classic board game, this is basically the same thing. I mean you drop in the chips just like the original. Not much else to say there really. The cut scenes and graphics do add value to the overall game experience too. The added game modes and multiplayer features are also a fun addition to the game. This adds a lot of replayability to the game because not only do you have a bunch of other game modes, but there are a ton of unlockable achievements to earn throughout the game as well.

The Bad:

connect mode A lot of users have been having crashing issues with this app. In fact, EA in general seems to be having a pretty bad track record with their current games (Star Trek for example doesn't play no matter what you do). However, after a restart of my phone and a few more crashes, the game eventually started to play without any problems. Yes, this is an issue, but it does clear itself up eventually.

The Verdict

Overall this game is pretty fun. Again, the app does have an issue with crashing and whatnot. This in my book is just something you should not have to deal with from a developer like this, but after a restart and a few issues, it did fix itself. If you like the board game, you'll like this.