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Review: Flaboo

December 29, 2009


Flaboo! has got an update, 1.1.0 which fixes one of the only problems with the previous version. There are now online high scores via OpenFeint, though no achievements. Now you can compare you best flights across the globe. Also the wonderful background music has been made more apparent to truly enjoy it. Flaboo! has a great gameplay mechanic requiring action from you by tapping for each flutter upwards, and then collecting keys to unlock power-ups. Online high scores were the only thing holding it back from the top ranks. Flaboo! is one of the most engaging and fun endless vertical casual games that has officially surpassed Doodle Jump.



Flaboo is a brand new casual endless game that is similar to Doodle Jump. In Flaboo you guide a fat chick as high as you possibly can. The chick bounces up though the clouds, and you tap when the chick is on a cloud for it to flap upwards. As you bounce upwards there are keys, and you need to collect certain numbers of keys to unlock the special power-ups. Also to make this genre more interesting there is an added race against the clock so you have to reach checkpoints to add ten seconds to the overall time. If the clock hits zero it's game over. The clock begins at only 45 seconds, so you have to be quick. Flaboo_coffee


Rather than jumping automatically you have to tap when flaboo is on a cloud for it to jump upward, and use tilt to direct the chick. Some clouds have keys, and if you land on the key cloud you collect the key. Each of the special upgrades has a key threshold you need to reach to unlock it, for example to unlock special armor requires 20 keys. Once you land on a cloud it becomes a dark grey cloud, and if you land on a dark grey cloud you lose all of your keys. The special upgrades include: time bonus, bouncy jumper, coffee, balloon, rocket, armor, spaceship, and light bulb. Each lasts for only a few seconds, and if you lose keys you lose the upgrades you've unlocked as well. If you don't tap to flap when you're on a cloud you fall through to the next level. Flaboo_armor

The Good

The best aspect of Flaboo is the gameplay, which is superior to any casual endless game. Rather than losing when missing a platform, the game is based on the clock to keep you constantly engaged and challenged. You have to reach checkpoints to refresh the clock, because if it reaches zero it's game over. The game is much more frantic than Papi Jump clones we've seen before. You will also need to get the upgrades, and maintain your keeps to have any chance as you get to the upper heights. Tapping to flap rather than just jumping automatically keeps you tied in to the well being of the fat chick. You're always active, and every platform/cloud you jump to always gives you a goal. Every jump has the objective to collect a key, and once you have enough you try to collect power-ups, and avoid bad clouds. The game is well done especially in the graphics department. Flaboo is super cute, and whether it's shadow is seen on the clouds, or when it falls through them in a puff it looks great. Also as you bound upwards the backgrounds change for every checkpoint giving you many moving, and ornate backgrounds. The animations of the special power-ups are great to see as well. Flaboo_ship A really nice aspect to the game is the addicting nature to simply to better your last outing as you know you can do better with a few quicker movements to reach the next checkpoint. It doesn't need online high scores for any type of addiction. A light subtle background soundtrack is included with a zen type theme. Sound effects are included for each flap, land on a cloud, and picking up keys and special items.

The Bad

The only problem I found was a lack of online high scores which are relatively important for the casual endless genre, and if you want to compete with Doodle Jump. The developer has stated they will be coming in the next update, so we will revisit the game when the update comes out.

The Verdict

Flaboo is an extremely well done casual endless game that is a strong rival to Doodle Jump. In terms of gameplay Flaboo is superior by providing a much more engaging experience as well as challenge. The lack of online high scores keeps it lower at the moment, but this may change. If you're a casual game fan, Flaboo is near the top of the list, especially in the specific jump type. For only $0.99 this is as good as a causal game can be, and is a should buy for $0.99. Check out it's positioning in the casual endless games appguide.

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