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Sneak Peek: Guerilla Bob - Dual Stick Shooter to Change the App Store Landscape?

December 17, 2009


Guerilla Bob is an upcoming dual stick shooter from Angry Mob Games, and it’s set to break the bounds of what’s currently available on the iPhone. The two main competitors are iDracula and Minigore, but both of these games are limited to one region during gameplay. Bob_river Guerilla Bob on the other hand advances through levels across a map rather than just a simple survival game. Every level is rendered in 3D with cartoon artwork reminiscent of minigore. Guerilla Bob is set in a mexican type village, and you progress through the streets facing waves of enemies. Enemies vary based on weaponry with machine guns, flame throwers, rocket launchers, suicide bombers, turrets, and chainsaws to name a few. You unlock weapons as your progress including the rocket launcher and flame thrower on top of the stock machine gun. Overall the game presents many varied challenges from progressing through the streets to being on a boat with enemies shooting at you from the banks. Bob_map In a sense this is an open world dual stick shooter, and the game provides more than just shooting with little changes in gameplay thrown in. One instance is running through boulders to avoid a bulldozer. Boss battles are included as well, and the entire game progresses similar to a platformer. Eight levels are included at writing, and if they have the scope of the first two and half that are available now, you’ll spend a lot of time with this title. It will be interesting to follow the progress, as this could be a real game changer. Bob_map I have my hands on a work in progress build, and this game is still a ways off, so we don’t have info on pricing or even scheduled submittal to Apple. We will keep you updated on the status, so stay tuned to AppAdvice for more Guerilla Bob info. See our hands on video below. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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