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Sneak Peek: Tilt to Live - The Next Casual Gaming Sensation?

December 18, 2009


There are numerous accelerometer based games in the App Store. None have the flair of the upcoming game Tilt to Live from developer One Man Left (first game). Tilt to Live has a simple premise, just tilt the iPhone to stay alive for as long as you possibly can. Tilt_lightning What makes it stand out is that there are a bunch of items/weapons to help you live. In the game you control an arrow, and you have to avoid the red dots that appear randomly, that’s it. Also included are weapon balls which you can use to get rid of the red dots. Eight weapon types are included to inflict massive damage to the red dots. The weapons include purple laser blast, red dot seeking missiles, nukes, spiky ball, vortex, and lightning. The final three weapons listed are unlockable based on your performance. Tilt_vortex The game amps up in difficulty nicely as more, and more red dots appear, and they begin to go into formation. The red dots combine into arrows to fire at you, or even become pong, both of which are great to see. The red dots have their own AI to chase after you making it so much fun, and so tough. The game is perfect for the casual gamer at least until red dot madness occurs, and great for veteran gamers until their self confidence is destroyed by the sheer difficulty of the game as you reach the higher scores. With that said, you’ll still want to play over and over again. AGON is included for online high scores and achievements. Twenty achievements are included all with silly names, and deluxe goals. Can you get the Highest Combo Conceivable or the Genghis Kahn-bo? Tilt_spikey The game is extremely well polished, with everything flowing smoothly, and deluxe animations. The game is super addicting as well, so be warned. Tilt to Live is planned to be submitted to Apple in late January, and will be priced at $1.99. Stay tuned to AppAdvice as we get more information on this stand out title, as it’s definitely one to watch for. See our hands on video below.

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