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The Skype/Kazaa Guys Bring Rdio To The App Store, An Unlimited Music App

December 18, 2009


Friis and Zennstrom, the founders of Skype and Kazaa, two apps that revolutionized music and telephony (way before Steve Jobs did), just published an app on the App Store. The app, Rdio, that mysteriously surfaced today, is apparently an unlimited music application that would let you listen to a large catalogue of streamed music. Nobody really knows how it's going to look or what it's going to cost and it could maybe be very similar to Spotify or Lala. Despite of that fact that it's already on the App Store, it's not of much use yet as you'll need an account to make it work (it's a private beta at the moment). Here is the official description:
Rdio is like carrying a giant MP3 player in your pocket – you have unlimited and unrestricted access to all the music, and you get to select exactly the song, album or artist you want to hear. And you can skip, pause fast forward as much as you want. Build your collection and compose your playlists on and listen to them all on the go. Or search for just the right song when you’re out and it will start playing instantly.

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