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Want To Take Videos But Don't Have A 3GS? There Is An App For That

December 14, 2009

iVideoCamera - Record Video on any phoneLarge

Wow, Apple is definitely easing up on App Store rejections this Christmas. Only days after allowing a video streaming app, Apple just accepted an app that allows those of you with an iPhone 2G or 3G to take videos.

The app, iVideoCamera, is very limited for now as it only takes 3 frames per second for no more than a minute. However the developers are working on improving it and we can only expect many more apps of this kind to hit the App Store soon.

Here is the official description :

The iVideoCamera lets your record a short video on any phone. Now you don't need a 3GS to record and share videos with your friends and family. Works with any 2G or 3G phone with 3.1 OS installed and includes: Ability to save to your camera roll or "Photos" and share via: - FaceBook - YouTube - Vimeo - Twitter and more coming soon Now you dont need to be jealous of your 3GS friends - you can now shoot and share video and dont need to spend all that money (in these economic times) NOTE: Requires OS 3.1 so if you dont have it upgrade now. ** LIMITATIONS ** - The iPhone can only capture about 3 frames per second - Videos are limited to about 1 minute in length - Resolution is low: 160x213 ** IF YOU HAVE A 3GS YOU DON'T NEED THIS APP ** You already have a video recorder!
It comes as a nice alternative to the jailbreak app cycorder, the quality might not be as good but the sharing features are very much welcome.

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