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Why Is EA Mobile Ripping You Off?

December 21, 2009


In case some of you are not aware, EA Mobile has decided to have a massive sale on just about every one of their titles. Each day they have a different app on sale for one day only. Earlier this week, EA Mobile put Star Trek on sale for only $0.99. I figured, "Hey, the game is only a dollar now and I've been wanting to try it out. What the hell, right?" star trek Man, do I wish I had read some of the user reviews for the game first. Basically, the game does not work in any way, shape, or form. If you look at the screen shot that I've put up here, this is all you get. The game opens up to this splash screen and then crashes every time. Apparently I'm not the only person having this issue with the game. Just check out these reviews... Just to set the record straight before you ask, yes, I have deleted and re-downloaded the app several times, I have restarted and rebooted my phone after downloading, I have downloaded the app in iTunes and synced the app to my phone, and I even deleted every app I had on my phone, only added the Star Trek app, turned on Airplane Mode, and tried again...nothing. Game still crashes. I have also never had this issue with an app before. review We've contacted EA, nothing. We've left numerous reviews on the app and reported the bugs from the app's page, nothing. EA hasn't even at least posted something on the app's page like, yes, an update is coming and we are aware of the issue, etc. They are basically taking this approach, "We don't care, and thanks for your money." Now, that might seem a bit harsh, but what else are we suppose to think? EA hasn't said word one about this issue. I mean how dare they sell an app that doesn't work? You're telling me they don't have interns or game testers for this kind of thing? It's completely unexceptable in my book and needs to be addressed right now! So, EA Mobile is ripping you off. Big time. And it's not just on Star Trek. Apparently Connect 4 has been having crashing issues as well. I downloaded this game and it does crash. You just need to restart your phone, open the app and deal with a few more crashes, and then it fixes itself. Nice. review again Surviving High School, another EA title, just got an update and now crashes every time you try and download another episode. It gets about halfway through the download and then crashes back to your home screen. Cool. So what the hell, EA Mobile?! I mean this is just completly unexceptable coming from a developer of this size. A majority of their games make it into the Top 25 just on name recognition alone and this is how your apps play?! So, you put a game on sale, getting people to buy them, and they don't work?! Outrageous! So, here's what we need to do. If you own any of these games and are having this issue, post a comment on the app's review page, rating it one star, and send in a Problem Report as well. It only takes a minute and this is the only way we can get EA to hear our concerns. Also, if anyone is having issues on any other EA titles, let me know so I can update this post. This really has infuriated me. We review these games for your benefit and are here to make your overall iPhone experience better. When someone as big as EA is clearly taking advantage of you, something needs to be done about it. Immediatley! Let your voice be heard and damn it, get Star Trek working already!!!