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Apple's Tablet Spotted Online In Cupertino, It Runs Apps!

January 25, 2010

As you probably know already, just like websites, many apps run some form of analytics system to let developers know how many users they have and such.

Flurry analytics is one of the main providers of such a system. They generally aggregate this data to run various reports and give us some insights about apps like their distribution or piracy levels. Well, their latest report is of the most interesting ones.

Over the last month they spotted an increasing usage of App Store apps by a new device, which they claim to be the tablet. They actually didn't stop there as they traced back all this usage to one point; Apple's Campus in Cupertino California.

All together they would have detected 50 devices which have been running as much as 200 different apps.

If they are right on this one this is a huge news. The app component of the Tablet is a big mystery and Apple allowing the iSlate to tap into the App Store could be very interesting for both developers and customers.

On a further point we also notice that the category distribution of app usage is pointing that games could be an important component of the tablet, this or Apple's engineers have too much free time.

Any apps you'd like to see on your tablet?