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Dawn Of The Dead To Be An Official iPhone Game

January 12, 2010


If you are a fan of both classic horror films and top-down shooters for the iPhone, you are going to be doubly excited for this bit of news.  George A. Romero's classic zombie horror film, Dawn of the Dead, is coming to the iPhone as a top-down shooter. dawnofthedead_screen1Dawn of the Dead for the iPhone and iPod touch will allow you to control one of three characters: the nurse, the police officer, or the salesman, each with their own unique attributes.  In campaign mode, you will be tasked with fighting your way through five levels, all within the Crossroads mall setting, while using a variety of classic zombie fighting weapons, such as a baseball bat, golf clubs, axe, shotgun, and much more.  You will also be able to compete in 12 different challenges in order to obtain the best score. The game will feature the usual dual-joystick controls, multiple levels of difficulty, a multi-page tutorial, and even a link to purchase the film. Dawn of the Dead should be available in the App Store on January 19th for $2.99. dawnofthedead_screen2dawnofthedead_screen3

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