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Google Voice Hits The iPhone As A Webapp

January 26, 2010

During Google's highly publicized bout with Apple over the placement of a native Google Voice app in the App Store, the company declared that their exclusion wouldn't stop them from offering their service to iPhone users sometime in the future.  Google's intentions were to make a fully operable webapp, as they have shown us in the past they are quite capable of, and today is the day it is finally available. The Google Voice webapp is built on HTML5, which allows it to operate basically like a native iPhone app would, except that it is incapable of accessing your iPhone's address book.  Google has a workaround for this, however, by syncing up with your Google account's contact list instead of your iPhone's.  The webapp allows you to make calls, manage calls and forward them to other phones, listen to voicemail, manage settings, and send texts, all from your browser. If you already have a Google Voice account, you can access the webapp via  Give it a try and tell us what you think. [Thanks to Matt for the screenshots!]

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