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iCes: Ion Launches iTYPE, The Ultimate iPhone Keyboard

January 8, 2010


The iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard Driver got everybody excited last year, however, having to jailbreak and drain your battery with Bluetooth was a serious drawback.  Well, for those of you who always dreamed of typing on a physical keyboard with your iPhone, Ion came up with a different solution.

The iTYPE is a full-featured keyboard that lets you insert your iPhone and transform it in an ultra-portable computer. On top of that, it includes its own battery so it will not affect your iPhone's battery and will actually let you charge it while you use it.

If music is more your thing, they also prepped a piano keyboard version.  I wonder what Yann Tiersen could do with this one:


Those devices still look kinda bulky to me, and you might be better off carrying your laptop around, but still, the gaining popularity of a keyboard-powered iPhone is definitely welcome.

There is no word of pricing yet.

[via Ion]

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