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iShoot Developer Releases Another Shooting Game: Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting

January 8, 2010


Ethan Nicholas will always be known for developing iShoot, since it was one of the first major App Store success stories, but that doesn't mean he can ride that wave forever, and apparently he has no intentions of doing so.  Today his second self-developed game has hit the App Store, and once again it involves quite a bit of shooting. kimrhode'sshooting_screen1Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting is an open-environment game that will have you joining two-time Olympic gold medal winner Kim Rhode in an outdoor animal hunting adventure.  The game features on-screen controls and a variety of animals to hunt, such as deer, bear, and wild turkey, but what really makes things interesting are the weapons. Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting doesn't just feature a single hunting rifle, it also features a pistol, AK-47, and even a rocket launcher, allowing you to escape reality and basically destroy everything in your path.  These weapons and new locations can be unlocked by earning points, which can be accomplished by completing certain tasks, like killing two animals with one shot or killing a number of animals in a row without missing.  But the question is, are you up to the task? Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting is now available in the App Store for $2.99.

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