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Little Guy Games Releases Battle Blasters, A Unique Arcade-Style Shooter/Fighter

January 11, 2010


Little Guy Games has just released their very first iPhone and iPod touch game today titled Battle Blasters.  It sort of looks and feels like an old school arcade game, but it sets itself apart with its unique mix of gameplay elements and iPhone-specific controls. battleblasters_screen1Battle Blasters takes place in the year 3042, where the main form of entertainment is the Battle Blaster tournament that pits the world's elite fighters against each other in a all-out gun-blasting deathmatch. Battle Blasters' gameplay consists of a lot of swiping instead of employing the usual on-screen controls.  You will be swiping your finger from side-to-side in order to move your character to avoid incoming attacks, swiping slowly upwards to fire a powerful but slow moving blast, and swiping quickly upwards to unleash a weaker bust fast moving blast.  The direction you swipe your finger is also the direction in which your blast will travel.  You can also block incoming blasts and even counter them with a well-timed shot.  Put it all together and you have a hectic and yet accessible combat mechanic. The game features a campaign mode that will have you battling one fighter after another across three levels of difficulty, a quickplay mode to hone your skills, 1-on-1 multiplayer on the same device, and Facebook leader boards to share your scores with your friends. Battle Blasters is now available in the App Store for $2.99. Embedded below is a gameplay trailer for Battle Blasters.

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